Surrey Art Studio

My main specialty is painting landscapes (although I would also be able to undertake still life paintings) capturing the environment in my individual style and produced in oils.

Requesting a commission
I would be able to work from a photograph of the location. This could be provided by the client (a nice clear large photo) or a photo taken be myself if the location is within reasonable travelling distance from Surrey.

A completion date for the commission will be on accepting the commission.

If you wish me to undertake a commission and discuss your ideas, you can contact me by either

I can email you pictures of the work as it progresses and if you are unhappy with the finished painting for any reason, you will not have to pay any further money but I will retain the painting.

Commission costs
The pricing of the commission will depend on the size of the canvas you want.
Size Price
8" x 8" 52.27
10" x 10" 70.92
16" x 12" 77.47
18" x 14" 91.60
20" x 16" 102.43
24" x 20" 141.57
30" x 12" 152.07
30" x 24" 235.50
48" x 36" 542.25

I do also offer a number of sizes between the ones listed above.


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